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Arnold Nieuwendam wrote unpaid and as volunteer almost 300 articles, the most about contemporary medal art. The most wrote he for the MUNTkoerier, and someone for THE MEDAL and De Beeldenaar. Also for FLASH Medailles, De Muntmeester and other magazines. He organized some medal exhibitions and took as a photographer (amateur) thousands photo' s and slides of medals for medailleurs and foragers. And photograph reportages for the VPK, BAMS, DGMK, PVDM and individuals. Also ten little books and catalogi about medalart. (He wrote about more than 400 artists, which are mentioned more than 1000 times in the articles, and over 3000 photographs were processed in those years. He was inspired by the medalart of Carla Klein (his wife). Nieuwendam are unpaid administrator of yet for the page:
For his volunteer efforts, he received Honorary Medals and the:
Bams Award

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